Faith Is Alive

God’s not dead,
He’s on His throne.
He’s in control,
time’s His Own.

The world seems dark and scary,
and all hope seems lost.
But if you consider,
God has counted cost.

He gave His one and only Son,
as a ransom for all who choose.
And only God can guarantee,
He will never lose.

His plan for this world is perfect,
it’s His from beginning to end.
The road is straight and narrow,
it never has a bend.

God can turn for good,
something that is the worst.
Just as He takes the last,
and makes the last first.

God the Father and God the Son,
God the Holy Ghost.
The Three in One- the Trinity,
praised by the Heavenly Host.

God listens to every word,
that we ever utter.
And knows what’s best for us,
for every sister and brother.

When we come to God in prayer,
He knows our very voice.
He knows our wants from our needs,
and if we have made the Choice.

God still listens when we ask,
because God is always love.
God is no respecter of persons,
He still rains Mercy from Above.

When we accept Jesus Christ,
to love and to serve.
God opens the windows of Heaven,
and holds nothing in reserve.

It gives God joy in His Heart,
to give blessings to His children.
And the blessings continue on,
generation to generation.


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