Friday Night Plight

Though so often, life is too much to bear,
even by praying into Thy care.
We expect relief the instant we ask,
no matter the problem or task.

I look at the sky, all cloudy and gray,
daily, my problems won’t go away.
Then I think, if all was all right,
would I be here on Friday night?

I come to the altar and get down on my knees,
begin to pray by asking Him, “Please?”
The same problems, Lord, week after week,
I continue to come, I continue to seek.

But how long, Lord, will I have to wait?
I hope for an answer, before it is too late.
But late it may be in my frame of time,
He reaches out and places His hand in mine.

“Come with Me, let’s go for a walk,
We’ll travel in Spirit, and We can talk.”
He answers my questions, one and all,
and tells me to wait, for He is in control.


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