“Hoppy” Egg-cellent Easter!

The Easter bunny,
doesn’t lay eggs.
No matter how much,
you pull her legs.

She doesn’t even lay,
delicious jelly beans.
When you pull her tail,
she just screams.

A candy-lover she is not,
she’s more of a vegetarian.
Which makes it fine for the chicken,
the bunny’s not a barbarian.

So how does all the candy,
that fills plastic eggs galore,
cause the kids such joy,
searching house and yard for?

The parents prepare and count,
and try to remember where.
All the eggs are hidden,
helping the littlest- not fair!

It always seems to happen,
we find another egg next year!
No matter how well we counted,
and we say, “Don’t worry, dear.”

The ones that are filled with money,
are the first ones to find.
We remember where they are,
locked solid in our mind.

We have the kids search and search,
then we take the candy away.
Too much candy is no good,
especially all in one day.

The kids should hide all the eggs,
and that would truly be dandy.
Except all the eggs we find,
I’m sure would all be empty.

So let the bunny have her day,
and all she does in part.
But, remember that Jesus rose today,
and lives within our heart.


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