Need to Be With Jesus (Part 2)

The sanctuary is empty, void of all sound,
maybe He’ll visit if I just hang around.
Answer all these questions going through my head,
with Scripture from the Word I’m sure I have read.

The time that I have is not nearly enough,
each day the path gets more narrow and rough.
I remember that day, I wish I could go back,
start over again, fill in what I lack.

Around the altar, now filling in one by one,
brethren seeking the Father and Jesus, the Son.
I wish I could join them and fulfill my part,
get rid of the confusion that tears open my heart.

I listen to others as they worship His name,
and I wonder to myself why I even came.
Around the altar- worship, praise, requests, & tears,
and in my pew, I’m still filled with my fears.

I wonder how different I would approach the altar,
every time I try, my body seems to falter.
I know I should be there, of that I have no doubt,
but still not enough to cause me to step out.

I look at the sea and it seems to say,
“Just step out, I’ll carry you away.”
I hear a voice, crying from the deep,
“Come join me now in an endless sleep.”

I don’t care to remember how many years ago,
I said, “Here I am, Lord. Send me, I’ll go.”
Now, it’s, “Lord, please find someone else,
I seem to have forgotten all that I know.”

Yet God says, “More than a conqueror I Am,”
He tells me I can, He’s my biggest Fan.
I am the head and not the tail,
if God is with me, I will never fail.

So let me gather my doubts and fears,
my times of weakness and all my tears.
My future is not as dark as it seems,
God will give me victorious dreams.

I return to the time I said I would go,
with Jesus I’ll stand against any foe.
Train me for battle- He’s got my back,
with Jesus I’m empowered, I have no lack.


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