Need to Be With Jesus (Part 1)

O, Jesus, please take me, by Spirit I plead,
away from here, with all Mercy & Speed.
and while we’re together, wherever we go,
the Fire will rekindle and once again glow.

The sanctuary’s no longer void of all sound,
people of prayer are gathered all around.
Quietly, I retreat and find a solitary pew,
surveying the brethren from my point of view.

Still, I hear the others in worship & praise,
most have joined in, yet I sit and gaze.
Even my daughter did not hold back,
she’s up at the altar, with the courage I lack.

Will this recourse ever come to an end,
will I stand with others and call Jesus my Friend?
Will I ever find answers to the questions I ask,
or have I created the impossible task?

O, but I know, that I couldn’t write,
the struggle for my soul and this daily fight.
Knowledge and wisdom are not of my own,
but my Spirit transported from God’s Holy Throne.

Even knowing this wondrous gift from Above,
I still find it hard to give my heart in love.
It’s sad, really sad, amidst all of this strife,
that I’m so weak and willing to throw away life.

But thank God that Jesus never gives up,
His Resources reach the top of the cup.
I remember when I’m weak that He is Strong,
He never leaves me, He leads me along.

He gives me strength when I can’t bear,
He reminds me I’m never out of His care.
When I want to quit and throw the towel in,
Jesus reminds me- He’s conquered all sin.

I don’t have to worry, everything is done,
all the battles, He’s already won.
So stand strong in His Power & Might,
be a vessel to the world of Jesus’ Light.


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