Happy Birthday Jared!

This poem is dedicated to my grandson, Jared.

Today seems to ring a bell,
but I can’t seem to remember for who.
Maybe if I ask, someone will tell,
then I’ll know what I should do.

I know this fellow that Grandma knows,
she calls him her young man.
And everywhere that Grandma goes,
he’s there to lend a hand.

When she’s goes shopping, he’s by the cart,
he always knows our needs.
He picks and chooses and does his part,
he’s the young man of good deeds.

He comes to the house to look for me,
he searches high & low.
He’s never sure where I might be,
he looks carefully, to and fro.

I’m starting to remember the friend,
who is very special to me.
If I think really hard, again,
I’ll know who that might be.

I remember now, I’m no longer sad,
and today is the day.
I’ll be so happy, and so glad,
to celebrate Jared’s birthday.

May God bless, especially this day,
as he watches over you from above.
May you always, in every way,
feels God’s presence & His love.

How do you feel, since you gained a year,
and have a lot to do.
I hope that you’re happy & full of cheer,
with enough energy for me & you.

So hop out of bed and onto your feet,
time is a ‘wasting, and much to do.
Today is special, and full of treats,
Happy Birthday Jared, with all of our love to you.


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