The Big 5-0

On August 20, a beautiful summer morn,
a very special lady was born.
A woman designed by God’s own hand,
whose footprints are found throughout the sand.

A woman who’d choose to lay down her life,
and have a husband and be his wife.
A woman who’d fit into God’s own plan,
and walk with Him daily, hand in Hand.

We’ll always weather any storm or gale,
His promises are true and never fail.
Jesus lives within our heart,
we love and praise Him and do our part.

His blessings come throughout the years,
amidst the good times and even through tears.
He entrusted two children into our care,
knowing we’d remember He’s always there.

Think of the years and all you’ve done,
think back to where it all had begun.
Half a century has come to pass,
and you’ve done it all in style and class.

We’re very proud of who you are,
to us, you’re a bright and shining star.
Life’s been a mixture of good and bad,
but after all this time, I’m so glad.

We’ve had this life to spend together,
and I only hope I can make it better.
So may He richly bless you dear,
as you celebrate your 50th year.

Originally written for my wife’s 50th birthday in the 1990’s.


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