Excess Baggage

Is life heavier moment by moment?
Does it continue to weigh you down?
Has it taken your joy & your smile,
and replaced it with a frown?

On the outside, all looks good,
but on the inside, you can’t get free.
You’re not alone, feeling this way,
many are like you, including me.

The first bag I carry always,
is my Sins from first to last.
I know they’re forgiven & set free,
but I can’t let go of the past.

I’ve asked to be forgiven of my sins,
so many times this bag should be empty.
But this largest bag remains full & heavy,
even though Jesus Christ has set me free.

Holding on to these bags,
has a feeling of security.
Zippered & locked,
no one knows about me.

The next bag on the stack,
is the bag full of Guilt.
With three more bags to go,
a mountain is being built.

The meaning of guilt is called sin,
so the bag fits right in place.
If only we would let go & let God,
we’d begin to live free under grace.

The middle bag seems so small,
how heavy could it really be?
Maybe if we peek inside,
we’ll find out just what we see.

I picked it up, I knew it was mine,
I took a little peek inside.
The bag was full to the very brim,
it belong to the set: a bag full of Pride.

At that moment, I felt so weak,
and a dose of pride just made it worse.
Why am I carrying these bags of life?
Jesus said that I’m not under the curse.

Two more bags to complete the set,
the next one when things weren’t right.
I’d be stuffing this bag,
for most of the night.

Disappointment packs a heavy load,
and the outcome was never fair.
I always thought I knew the way,
of course I never thought of prayer.

Disappointments are a big part of life,
and we base it all on our feelings.
Emotions are not always the best way to go,
when facing the choices of life’s dealings.

I can’t carry the bags I have,
but yet I still have another one.
This one wraps up all I do,
Responsibility, which never seems done.

We always have so much to do,
our busy life just never ends.
Running here, there, & everywhere,
and we never make amends.

Now we’ve discussed the baggage of life,
we need to address just what to do.
I heard a message, which will help,
to free both me & you.

Pastor Rich Anderson did a visual,
of carrying all those bags.
All at once I realized,
time for the surrender flags.

“Come to me, all who are heavy laden,
 and I will give you rest.
Place your yolk upon me,
just put me to the test.”

All that baggage was thrown away,
that very day you asked to be free.
It’s cast aside & forgotten,
no longer applied to you & me.

When your eyes are opened to the cross,
and you see all God has done.
You realize you are truly free,
and in Jesus, all victory is won.

So drop your baggage,
it’s not yours to hold.
Come & join me,
on my streets of gold.

Inspired by a tent revival sermon from Pastor Rich Anderson of Holding out Hope.


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