Veterans Day: To a Very Young Vet

We often wonder why life is cut so short,
often, so very often, before we have a chance to live.
But I must remember always that God is in control,
and Michael has given all he has to give.

You may find that hard to understand,
you may even ask me how I know.
But nothing in all of Heaven, Earth, and Hell,
escapes God knowledge, mountain high or valley low.

Michael was a man who’d rather give than receive,
in doing so, he found the joy that made him feel complete.
All his friends in the room spoke so highly of him,
never ever did you hear a parting word repeat.

In that room nary an eye was dry,
because we all feel the loss of a brother.
Young and old, we loved him just the same,
but God has found the time to thin our our ranks by yet another.

He’ll be missed as each of us truly are,
his memory will linger long within our heart.
Michael would stand and proudly salute you,
you gave us joy and inspiration in doing our part.

Dedicated to my buddy in Vietnam, Michael.


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