Real Friends Grow

This poem is dedicated to my good friend John Maiorana, who underwent successful heart surgery on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

Through all the years of thick & thin,
and how long we have known each other.
We are no longer considered friends,
we graduated, and you became my brother.

I know you feel the same as I do,
and we both dance to a different band.
Those who listen to us banter,
I know they really don’t understand.

When we throw digs at each other,
they’re always new, never outdated or old.
You and I are the only ones who know,
laughter is the best medicine for the soul.

It never fails when we see each other,
we are immediately put to the test.
The mind is thrust into high gear,
to see who’ll come out the best.

Between us though, there never is a winner,
we jab and poke fun at each other.
Because it is never really about us,
so we remain brother to brother.

From the very first day we met,
I think this is how it was meant to be.
A bond that grew from day to day,
destined for joy and laughter, for you and me.

So John, I hope you always remember,
one can not work without the other.
I was the one who was funny,
you were the one faithful brother.

So hurry up and get well,
we have a lot more yet to do.
The Lord’s not finished yet,
there is still more laughter in me & you.


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