I Need A Do-Over!

What do you do with a do-over?
What do you change about your life?
Do you change it all and start over?
Or only the times of worry & strife?

How great it may seem to restart life,
knowing all that you know today.
Do you really think you’d be better off,
if life was to be this way?

The decisions we make throughout life,
are times that help us grow.
Doesn’t matter whether right or wrong,
because life is designed to be just so.

Sometimes the decision is very important,
it truly shapes & defines our future.
Other times, the deciding factor,
is living in our national culture.

But through it all there is a way,
to have help as we decide.
That way is found is Jesus,
in whom we need to abide.

He’s the only one we can trust,
when we need to make a change.
To clean up a life that’s gone all wrong,
take that life and rearrange.

As we put our faith and trust,
in Father, Son, & Holy Ghost.
We’ll see the change life can bring,
and live life honoring the Heavenly Host.

So put your life into His hands,
only He can give a do-over.
Over and over and over again,
as many times as a field of clover.


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