Lung Cancer Awareness Day

Today is World Lung Cancer Day. This poem is dedicated to the victims of lung cancer & their families.

A day set aside,
for people who care.
Some are gone,
yet others are there.

The first day of August,
is World Lung Cancer Day.
Those who are survivors,
carry on, come what may.

Father-in-law, brother-in-law,
just to name a few.
Non-smoker or smoker,
it can still affect me and you.

Even my wife’s uncle,
and my older brother.
They’ve lost this terrible fight,
as lung cancer takes another.

More than any other cancer,
even the three most common combined.
Approximately 1.37 million worldwide,
their families and loved ones lives realigned.

I was with my brother and watched him suffer,
wanting to know why it was so.
With all the cancer foundations and research,
by now, a cure someone would know.

Yet this fight still rages on,
it just seems like it will never end.
But because of World Lung Cancer Day,
you have survivors to be your friend.

They understand more than we know,
they have battled and seen it through.
Because of this they have a compassion,
that can be a comfort for both me and you.

So on this day may it come to be,
as we need a cure for this uphill fight.
So on this August the First,
may the future begin by looking bright.

May the breakthrough be so clear,
that we see the forest through the trees.
May it be soon and very soon,
we find a cure for this horrible disease.


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