God Knows Best

God is never early,
and, of course, never late.
He never forgets His love for us,
have faith while you wait.

God is more than able,
to meet every task.
His love knows best,
in everything we ask.

We need to remember,
only God is perfect.
Man still is flawed,
he has a sin defect.

Love, they say, will conquer all,
and I’m sure it’s true.
For God and His love,
died for me and you.

Sometimes we come to God,
and request our wants from life.
In ourselves we figure,
it will make our future bright.

But God in His infinite wisdom,
always knows what is best for us.
When we think God is late,
His protection & love are always a plus.

Just like God always hears us,
and reminds us He is always there.
The times He carries & sustains us,
when we know we cannot bear.

But God has given us a truth,
which is found in James 5:16.
It’s powerful and possible,
a strong tower on which to lean.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man,
gives us access to the Throne Room of Grace.
That very access will one day let us,
stand in God’s presence, face to Face.

Because of the Blood of Jesus Christ,
righteousness is ours through forgiveness.
God knows the plan from the start,
His love provides peace, joy, & happiness.

So raise your hands an worship God,
only He is in complete control.
Soon, and very soon,
we will walk on streets of gold.


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