What is Social Media?

Today is the annual global event called Social Media Day. In honor of this digital age of the Internet, we have composed a poem solely dedicated to the social media sites in the United States.

Social media components aren’t complicated,
so I’ll help you and break them down.
Not too hard to figure out,
but they could cause a frown.


A face book sounds like a photo album,
and a way to make friends you don’t like.
If you don’t like someone’s status,
just tell them, “Take a hike!”

First you have to friend a person,
to have them view your statuses.
But what to do if they’re not your friend?
Facebook- the Supreme Court Justices!

Everything that you do on Facebook,
you can post to your wall.
After you complete your status page,
the world now knows your all and all.


Birds go tweet,
Twitter goes Tweet.
A Twitter bird goes Tweet-tweet,
I repeat.

Time passing,
tweet, tweety.
Why not talk,
one hundred forty.


Instagram sounds like a typed message,
but it says, “Post a picture to your feed.”
I think it is in the wrong component,
it’s more like a face book you need.

Why not be the person who you are,
and look your natural self- no change!
If you filter to make it look nicer,
you may not be able to rearrange.


Once again the component,
just doesn’t match the task.
I could just punch up Facebook,
and have him send me his album, if I ask.

Then I could save all my pins,
for some other job to do.
Like a good ole’ bulletin board,
which serves both me and you.


Have your own channel without a TV?
Something beyond my belief!
It seems like science fiction,
but there is some relief.

At least we have no pictures,
to pin to an album or board.
But where do you get the people,
and where do you keep ’em stored?


Why connect with someone I don’t know,
and post updates about life’s important things?
I’d rather share with a friend,
all the information life brings.

If I share too much about work,
place everything on one page-
I may be looking for a new job,
which is not-so-good at my age!


Vines just grow and grow and grow,
they seem to have nothing but time.
But if you can do a SIX-SECOND VIDEO!
I’d like you to be a friend of mine!

I know beyond any doubt,
you understand social media components.
So when you’re lonely with nothing to do,
tweet me- care the psychiatric department!

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Twitter section contains only 140 characters. And, while we’re on the topic of social media, punch up our Twitter page- twitter.com/wordonthepete


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