Your Word

“I hear your thoughts,
as though you speak.
And cherish the time,
when We meet.

“You’re precious to Me,
in faith and prayer.
And have a heart,
that is full of care.

“I know your thoughts,
I read your heart.
I embrace you as children,
because you do your part.

“Keep seeking and asking,
because I’m here.
I’m in control,
have no fear.

“The answers are coming,
they’re on the way.
Be of good cheer,
and look for the day.

“Faithful to answer,
I’m never early & never late.
Be steadfast and faithful,
it’s worth the wait.

“I love and embrace you,
I’ll honor you by My spirit.
Continue to seek My face,
and in the Spirit, you will see it.”


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