Happy Birthday Katherine!

This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter, Katherine.

Katherine is having a birthday,
and that is really cool.
Before you know it,
she’ll be starting school.

But before that happens,
we’ll have some birthday fun.
Candy, treats, ice cream, & cake,
a pinata, and more until we’re done.

Because birthdays are very exciting,
I have something very special to share.
Besides presents and lots of love,
a giant cupcake, because I care.

We’ll share this wonderful day,
with this very special girl.
Flopsy Rabbit, Mopsy, & Cottontail,
I’m not sure, but she’s a pearl.

She never lets me out of the house,
without her huggy-wuggies.
Something special for both of us,
to share and make fond memories.

I know for sure,
when this day is through,
I’ll be more tired,
I’m sure than you.

So enjoy your birthday while it’s here,
it only lasts for a day.
You’re next birthday is not to far,
and you’re already on the way.


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