4th of July

The sound when fireworks shoot skyward,
jogs the mind from a long time ago.
The sky is lit with many colors,
but not as bright as flares aglow.

The sounds are so familiar,
and the memories run very deep.
On this day many are shaken,
and find it hard to sleep.

Fireworks used to be exciting,
but that was before the war.
Since I’m home, I’ve closed & locked the past,
but fireworks once again opens up the door.

The 4th is a celebration,
of our nation’s independence.
Again it came with price of war,
and the sound of soldiers cadence.

I’d be so happy if memory,
would forgive and drift away.
And in my mind and my heart,
I look forward to that day.

I’d love to sit and enjoy life,
without any thoughts of war.
Enjoy the peace & family time,
and never have to re-open the door.

But every year on the 4th of July,
I wear my medals & citations.
After the show put on at church,
I recall what I gave for this nation.

Maybe this year will be different,
I can only hope and pray.
But through it all, God knows best,
He’s the Truth, the Life, & the Way.


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