Who is Jesus?

Who is this Jesus,
what can He do for me?
Sit and stay for a while,
let me explain Him to thee.

He was a man,
but an extraordinary one,
and above & beyond,
He was God’s own Son.

He had a desire,
for man to be free.
I thank Him daily,
for both you & me.

His yolk is easy,
and His burden light.
In every battle,
He’ll win the fight.

He stands here with His arms outstretched,
and prods us with His Spirit.
He promises that, when we ask,
He’ll be there to hear it.

He’s given us the Holy Scripture,
to point and lead the way.
Accept the Lord into your heart,
for this is the only way.

Stand upon the promises,
of all that God can do.
When this fleeting life is over,
remember Jesus took you through.

When you stand before the Father,
and know your job is done.
You’ll think back to the day,
you accepted Jesus, God’s beloved Son.


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