Tools of the Trade

My boss is a Jewish carpenter,
the ultimate Master of all of His tools.
He wants us all to be His students,
doers of His Word, and be not fools.

Sandpaper, foundation, wood, & joust,
a hammer, saw, plane, & a screw.
T-square, plumb line, level, & drill,
tool belt holding- tape measure & glue.

All are needed believe it or not,
when Jesus becomes your focus in life.
He teaches and prepares us with all we need,
to face the world and all of its strife.

Sandpaper is first to be applied,
to a heart that is rough and scarred with sin.
Sanding with the blood of Jesus Christ,
that’s smooth and cleanses your heart within.

After the sanding, we need to begin
a firm foundation of prayer & talk.
The foundation’s our grounding in the Word,
knowledge of the Truth to strengthen our walk.

After the foundation is laid & set,
the Word is framed & raised up high.
Building a shelter in time of storm,
with walls that reach to Heaven’s sky.

The wood is strong, but can’t stand alone,
it needs the joust to anchor the frame.
Just as we can’t stand alone,
the Holy Spirit supports Glory to Jesus’ Name.

Holding the joust firm to the wood,
the nails are hammered deep & true.
Reminding us of the gracious Cross,
where our Savior bled for me & you.

The saw then trims those extra pieces,
that causes us to stumble & fall.
The plane then tune the jagged edges,
which blocks us from serving our Master’s call.

Before the frame is put in order,
distance is measured, it’s leveled & set.
Just as the Spirit gives us balance,
and reminds us that He’s not finished yet.

T-square makes sure that the joints are perfect,
so everything fits right into place.
It’s by the Fruits of the Holy Spirit,
each day we are able to show forth His grace.

So take the plumb line & have it fall,
and guide your life along it’s track.
But if you stumble & fall off course,
our Loving Savior will help you back.

Pick up your tool belt and all of your tools,
take some steps back and have a look.
See your work & all you’ve done,
and thank the Lord that you followed the Book.

So look to the Day (and it won’t be long,)
when the Master calls all carpenters yonder.
On that day we’ll get our Master’s degree,
and through His City eternally wander.


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