Happy Birthday Jared!

This poem is dedicated to my grandson, Jared.

I knew a wee little man once,
and I remember that he was 3+2.
He had so much energy,
there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.

He travels around the country now,
and he’ll stop for a geography bee.
And before you know it, he’s off again,
you’ll find him on TV!

He packed a lot of living,
in all his years alive.
His future is planned, big and bright,
and in his state, he can drive!

I have a clock in my kitchen,
that doesn’t do an hourly chime.
But, instead it reminds me,
“Grandma & Grandpa, I love you all the time!”

TV has given him an opportunity,
to share what he does fine.
And if you check out Here Comes the Shrink,
you’ll find what else is on his mind.

He has me write a poem for every holiday,
he posts my poems when right.
So now here’s one for his birthday,
good from morning to night.

We are so proud of all he’s done,
in just a few short years of living.
We look to what the future holds,
as he continues sharing & giving.


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