The Creator

I am the Creator who guided you to birth,
Master and King of all the Earth.
I’m the one Who holds you in His care,
I’m the one Who promises to always be there.

I hear you every time you call,
and even lift you when you fall.
I carry you through times of stress,
in loving arms that caress.

I’m the Bread of Life on which you feed,
I’m the everlasting provider of your everlasting need.
I know how to care for my loving bride,
I’m the Tower of Strength in which you hide.

I’m the River of Life that quenches your thirst,
I’m the One in your life that should be first.
I’m the one that guides along life’s way,
I’m the Breath of Life that you breathe each day.

My Word is stronger, it is right and true,
it’s hope and life and deliverance too.
It is old and new- it never changed,
it is solid and lasting on all that it has claimed.

I’m the Deliverer and Restorer of all your soul,
I’m the one who makes your life whole.
I’m the Peace that surpasses all understanding,
I’m the Anchor that holds when life is demanding.

I’m the God that set you free,
I’m the God that healeth thee.
I’m the one that paid the fee,
I’m the one from Calvary’s tree.

So live in me dear Lord and be,
the power I need to carry me.
On that day that you Return, I’ll see,
I’ll praise and worship for Eternity.


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