Survive & Succeed

Survive & Succeed

The Spirit of Evil is strong in this place,
I see it reflected in the patients’ face.
Drugs and alcohol and substance abuse,
depression, anxiety, what’s the use?

We’re all here for reasons beyond our control,
times when our feelings become ice cold.
Knowing life’s issues never seemed fair,
we shelter ourselves in utter despair.

We finally have reached the depths of Hell,
nowhere to go but die or get well.
Dying seems vicious, as the only way out,
but that’s what life truly about.

There is no medication or magical pill,
to change our pasts or alter our will.
Our means of survival lies deeply within,
the Spirit within us, it’s desire to win.

There’s the battle that seem to tear us apart,
it’s the Spiritual battle to control our heart.
We are the victim in the midst of the fight,
we need to emerge from the Dark to the Light.

The choice is ours to survive and succeed,
but the wounds are deep, and we need to bleed.
I know it’s not easy to make that first choice,
but we all must listen to the Spirit’s still voice.

The first step’s the hardest to grab hold of your life,
it’s scary and frightful- full of turmoil & strife.
But the benefits greatly, our way- I repeat,
the surrender of life in accepting defeat.

So reach deep down into your heart,
wake for the battle you’re about to start.
Rile your life up- get out of your funk,
God created you, and He does not make junk.


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