Chorus of Life

I reach out for help,
but no one’s there.
Time and time again,
does anyone care?

I have a cane,
to help me walk.
I have a brain,
to help me talk.

I have meds,
for the way I feel.
Sometimes they work,
sometimes they heal.

But I need something,
to help me cope.
When dealing with life,
I sometimes lose hope.

I feel left out,
like I don’t belong.
This chorus of life,
makes a horrible song.

Memory upon memory,
haunts me day by day.
I just wish,
it would all go away.

I faced life,
I didn’t understand.
Again I reached out,
for a helping hand.

Psychiatry and psychology,
don’t answer my call.
Don’t pick me up,
when I fall.

I’m told to hang in there,
times will get better.
Someday, they say,
it will all come together.

I don’t see it happening,
I just keep getting older.
I’m running out of time,
sadly turning colder.

But, finally I find hope,
in all this despair.
Someone who says,
“I’ll always be there.”

“Come with me,
on solid rock I stand.
All the ground,
is sinking sand.

“I’m the answer,
you have been looking for.
Put your hand in Mine,
you don’t need any more.

“I’ve never allowed you,
what you can’t bear.
You’ve never been,
out of my care.

“My name is Jesus,
and I’m your friend.
I’ve never forsaken you,
time and time again.

“So reach out for help,
stretch out your hand.
I’ll lift you and hold you,
because I understand.

“I’m all you need,
I’m your sure hope.
Trust My strength,
I’ll help you cope.

“Never give up,
you’re more than a friend.
You’re a child of God,


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