Happy Valentine’s Day!

A day of celebration,
of what the world calls love.
Based upon it’s feeling,
a Cupid, candy, flower, type love.

But where does love come from?
It’s really a matter of the heart.
Nothing else but God is love,
and with Him, love has it’s start.

Who is my valentine?
What does he mean to me?
My valentine is the King of kings,
His blood has set me free!

He’s taken all my cares and lows,
and lifted them off my back.
Should I ever have a need,
He makes sure I never lack.

His love for me is greater,
than mine can ever be.
His love is pure and open,
for all the world to see.

Love is the very character of God,
not a feeling or emotion.
It never changes from moment to moment,
never alters His devotion.

His love is an anchor in a storm,
when the world sets you adrift.
His loving arms will reach you,
whenever you need a lift.

A love so pure and so true,
can only be agape love.
‘Cause God does not restrict to us,
what He sends down from above.

No one can give you agape love,
not even your closest friend.
Only God never changes,
it began, but will never end.

Once again, I ask you,
who is your valentine?
I hope you choose our Lord,
I made the choice: He’s mine!


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