The River

This poem was included in “His Precious Love”, an anthology published in the 1980’s by the American Arts Association, a defunct organization formerly based in Gulfport, Mississippi. 

In the mountains, on the highest peak,
the snow begins its sunny retreat.
The river begins from the melted snow,
as it winds its way through the hills below.

I, on my raft, have begun at the top,
a weary journey with no place to stop.
The river, it twists and turns as it flows,
and the speed of descent, still faster it grows.

I’m in the midst of turmoil and strife,
at the very points of fear for my life.
When around the next bend in the river I see,
the peace and tranquility of a glass covered sea.

As the raft begins to slow and to drift,
a powerful voice says, “May I give you a lift?”
The beauty of the sea is more than I can describe,
the Lord has joined me, here at my side.

I’ve asked Him to join me to my journey’s end,
to ride the river through every twist and bend.
I’ve asked Him to pile in and direct by my side.
He said, “Don’t fear! The Holy Spirit will guide!”

And so, once again, I begin my descent,
I thank the Lord that I took time to repent.
By putting my trust in His loving hand,
I know by faith that He’ll lead me to land.

So, whatever problems I face on the way,
I look back and thank Him for His glory today.
I know there’ll be falls and plummets still to face,
but now I will ride immersed in His grace.


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