Gambling Addiction

Gambling is an addiction that tries to kill,
it crushes our spirit and breaks our will.
It causes us times when we can’t cope,
depression that deepens and loses all hope.

It changes our values and outlook on life,
causing nothing but anguish, turmoil, and strife.
We surrender this battle, no hope to survive,
Losing all desire to be alive.

But a way was made to turn us around,
and on a Higher Power, that way is found.
Without surrender, we haven’t the tools,
but why walk through life being fools?

If I rely on myself, I know I will fail,
and Satan will laugh as he drives the last nail.
But I’m a fighter who can take the heat,
I will not give up and accept defeat.

I’m looking for answers to turn life around,
and there is only one place that can be found.
The Gamblers’ Anonymous program helps set the course,
and God is our ultimate final source.

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