Happy New Year!

A New Year, a new beginning,
time for a fresh new start.
Last year is old, but not forgotten,
peace must reign within our heart.

We count our blessings every day,
as each new day is dawning.
As we remember all is in His care,
brighter becomes the morning.

Now to pray as Jesus taught us,
as He sets the course for our day.
Dress for work, and for battle,
able to keep Satan at bay.

We are ready for all we’ll face,
knowing Jesus is by our side.
He’ll shelter us in a time of storm,
in the cleft of His rock we abide.

Maybe today, someone will notice,
my smile is bigger and brighter.
I’m different and I’ll tell you why,
my worry is gone, my burden lighter.

Jesus carries all my burdens,
all His promises are true.
Come and get to know Him,
and He’ll do the same for you.

Come and seek forgiveness,
repent of all your sins.
Satan’s team is the loser,
Jesus Christ always wins.

So make this year a joyous one,
the choice is yours to make.
God is offering more than a change,
your very soul is at stake.

So become one that’s safe and secure,
with a great big smiling face.
And you can tell when they ask you,
you made a choice, accepted God’s grace.


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