God Is…

Who is God,
so faithful and true?
Willing to die,
for me and you.

Who is God,
that He dies for me?
Paid with His blood,
and set me free.

Who is God,
that He can love me so?
And walk with me,
wherever I go.

Who is God,
that gives me peace,
that’s always available?
It will never cease.

Who is God,
that gives sight to the blind?
Cleanses our hearts,
and renews our mind.

Who is God,
when my heart so cold,
that shows me mercy,
and saves my soul.

Who is God,
when I’ve reached the end?
Remind me often,
that He’s my friend.

Who is God,
when I’m down and out?
Reminds me by faith,
to have no doubt.

Who is God,
when I’m feeling lonely?
He reminds me in love,
I’m His one and only.

Who is God,
through all of life?
Waits for His bride,
and lovely wife.

God is Alpha and Omega.
Beginning and End.
He’s my Savior,
and Best Friend.

Counselor, Mighty God,
Prince of Peace.
His love for me,
will never cease.

He is Abba, Almighty Ancient of Days.
He fills me with love and power,
He carries my burden and every care.
He lights my darkest hour.

Emanuel, Excellent, Everlasting God.
He makes me what I ought to be.
I can do all things,
through Christ who strengthens me.

He is my Rock, Fortress, and Sanctuary,
my Shelter in a time of storm.
When I’m lost and in the cold,
His embrace keeps me warm.

Passover Lamb, Lion of Judah,
So Meek, yet so Strong.
By knowing Jesus,
is where I belong.

He is the Shepherd guarding the sheep,
and all the sheep hear his voice.
The time is now, He’s calling you.
Listen to your heart and make the choice.

What more could I say?
He’s all and all to me.
Without Him in my life,
I truly cease to be.


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