Merry Christmas!

As the world prepares, for this joyous season,
I really wonder, if they know the reason.
It saddens my heart, for I really doubt,
if they’ve taken the time to think it out.

I cannot express how much it means,
as I think upon the manger scene.
My life’s laid in the bed of hay,
I’m part of Him, day to day.

As I look at the infant, I see a King.
In springtime freshness, as the angels sing.
The heavenly hosts lift up their voice,
with loud ‘Hosanna’s!’ let us rejoice.

He started a life with prayer and fasting,
a life for us to be everlasting.
From the day in the Temple with the Jewish leader,
to the day on the shore where He called Peter.

The years passed quietly, until about thirty,
when John calls out, “He is worthy!”
The blessing is sent from the Father of love,
to rest upon Jesus in the form of a Dove.

His ministry begins; the time is at hand,
as Jesus travels throughout the land.
It’s time for man to see Salvation’s plan,
it’s time to renew the heart of man.

As we stroll along the beach,
we stop to hear the Master preach.
His words of wisdom: they bless our soul,
they’re pure and more precious than refined gold.

Many are helped by His healing touch.
None are too holy, they all mean so much.
The future has been prepared for man to face,
united with Jesus and under His grace.

His years were short, just thirty-three,
the most rewarding years in all of history.
He gave it all for humanity,
that was the purpose of Calvary.

Saint Nick and Rudolph have their part,
for those who haven’t taken Jesus to heart.
The world is still looking in search of the Way,
I hope and pray that someone finds it today.

Now that you know the beautiful story,
of a loving Savior who came down from glory,
and placed in our hearts His eternal light.
May the blessing of this joyous season be yours tonight.


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