In memory of Eddie Romano, my dear friend, who passed away on Sunday, December 15, 2013.

Every Sunday morning, we were on the course.
It’s a miracle we didn’t get a divorce.

We left them with the kids and all,
just to chase that little ball.

It was more than just a game,
the winner could boast his fame.

Truth is- we weren’t very good.
Still, we tried as best we could.

We always planned to come back quick,
but time flew by in just a flick.

Everything we did was competition.
Cards, Super Bowl, Billiards, in addition.

We played our trivia, fearing the Brown.
Because Pat always knew, and beat us down.

During our game, we’d walk with Jen.
The women did, but not the men.

Eddie always looked for an edge,
and we’d drive it home as a wedge.

He had his games that he could win,
and I had mine to better him.

But it was always done in sport and fun.
And still friends when we were done.

Forty-five years, and we were like brothers,
even though we had different mothers.

We got busier, and the years got away,
now we only met on New Year’s Day.

There are so many memories yet to tell,
but most remain in my heart’s well.

Our times together will not be forgotten,
even though life has turned rotten.

You were a brother, more than a friend.
every day, and every way, until the end.

I’ll miss you, my friend, but I’ll never forget,
the times we had, I’m so glad we met.


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