That Crimson Stain

Listen, my child and have no fear,
You are anchored in My very Son.
All the battles you’ll ever face,
the victories paid and won.

With my Son, you can do all things,
you have His spirit, power, and might.
The day you claimed Him as your Lord,
All your darkness was changed to light.

All His promises are faithful and true,
He stands on every word He’s spoken.
He has no faults and cannot lie,
not a single promise will be broken.

My child, when you chose Jesus,
you also became My son.
Filled by the spirit in wisdom and truth,
shining brightly as the sun.

The precious blood of Calvary,
has made me white as snow.
That crimson stain is washed away,
and through Christ’s spirit I grow.

The Holy Spirit fills me with power,
and guides my heart in all I do.
He strengthens me in my weakest hour,
and what He does for me, He’ll do for you.

God’s not a respecter of persons,
everyone is judged the same.
When we give our life to Him,
we now live forgiven in Jesus’ name.


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