Tradition, worry, and the stress of life,
will try to wear us down.
But we have a vision given us,
that God will cause to abound.

It’s so large and beyond our reach,
and in ourselves it surely is.
But we have a Master and a Friend,
who says it’s possible, the vision is His.

All things are possible,
especially in His sight.
Look at all He’s done for us,
salvation and a future bright.

We need to exercise our faith,
and wholly trust in Him.
Stop trying to balance on the wall,
living in a world so dim.

We need to remember that He is the potter,
and we are just the clay.
Wholly surrender your heart & will,
breakout in freedom today.

Breakout year is now at hand,
as it unfolds it’s master plan.
But breakout starts this very day,
deep inside our spirit man.

Be sensitive and let Him do the work,
step up and receive His grace.
Step out and let Him flow,
as you pray and seek your place.

So breakout and be bold,
and share the blessing of love,
that come from doing His will,
as He pours from Heaven above.


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