Six Steps Down

Heaven is high above the Earth,
and we seek it for all it’s worth.
Father, Son, & Holy Ghost,
the Trinity with the heavenly Host.

But because of God’s Love,
He sent Jesus from above.
A bloody sacrifice to pay for sin,
a battle man could never win.

Jesus left his Holy Throne,
so in life we’re not alone.
Only Jesus could prepare the way,
so we’d be free from sin today.

It took six steps from heaven to earth,
and four completed before His birth.
He gave up his divine form,
to rescue us from a sin-filled storm.

All He had to do before His ministry,
to pay for sin and set man free.
He emptied Himself of any rights,
He fasted 40 days and 40 nights.

He became a man,
according to the Father’s plan.
He opened the door for a crooked and perverse generation,
to redeem the world through salvation.

He had no desire for worldly fame,
God and human, one and the same.
He took on the role of a servant,
He came to renew God’s covenant.

He willingly gave up his very breath,
He was obedient to the point of death.
The only sacrifice that could make a way,
His precious blood covered all sin that day.

He died a terrible death, enduring the cross,
it was all for gain and not a loss.
Jesus what was impossible for man,
six steps down, God’s merciful plan.


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