Tipping Point

Do you lean more towards God,
or more towards the world?
Do you find time for praise and worship,
or too busily involved with the world’s hardships?

If so busy, you’ll always have problems,
no matter how you choose to face life.
Problems just seem to evolve,
solve them and they still don’t dissolve.

You’ll always have more on your plate,
than it’s able to hold.
You never catch up with all you do,
and you feel like it’s burying you.

You think you can do it on your own,
but the world just overpowers you.
You try your best, but the world is tough,
and your determination just isn’t enough.

So how do you solve this dilemma,
and come up with a victory?
It all goes back to the tipping point,
and it’s time for change, and God to anoint.

Leaning the other way,
opens doors of opportunity.
You face life, and you’re not alone,
you have an open line to the Throne.

Life is not your burden to carry,
live in Jesus- He’s made a better Way.
Jesus says His yoke is easy, His burden light,
step out of the darkness of the night.

He washes you in His cleansing blood,
and from that point, He forgives and forgets your past.
Your life is changed, it’s now brand new,
Jesus suffered the Cross, He died for me and you.

So which way would you like,
the tipping point of life to lean?
You could remain stuck in the miry clay,
or accept Jesus and start a brand new day.

Jesus will never force you,
the choice is yours to make.
But He will set you free,
where you’d rather be for eternity.


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