To My Grandchildren

To my grandchildren in honor of Grandparents Day, which is celebrated on September 13.

Grandchildren, may you always be,
blessed by the Father above.
Cradled in His Arms,
and sheltered in His Love.

Every child ever born,
is created in God’s design.
Only the Creator of everything,
can call each child, “Mine.”

He calls the little ones, “Precious,”
because He has a plan for them.
And He brings it all to pass,
time and time again.

When You know the beginning and the end,
all things are in Your control.
God is the very Anchor,
on which we need to hold.

He’s the only One that will never fail,
with Hands and Arms stretched wide.
He’ll never leave or forsake us,
He’s always with us, beside our side.

It matters not, young or old,
love and peace conquer fear.
So look to Jesus, for who He Is,
and always seek to keep Him near.


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