The Fourteen Machine

To my grandson, Eric John, who turns 14 this week.

The second start of life,
is your 7 teenage years.
It got off to a fantastic start,
as you’ve conquered doubts and fears.

You’ve accomplished some major feats,
which some said, “It can’t be done!”
But through it all, this summer,
you did it! (And still had fun.)

Now, you’re a year older,
and a year wiser, no doubt.
You’re learning more each day,
what life is all about.

We’re Grandpa & Grandma,
and you really make us proud.
You are really something special,
you stand out in a crowd.

May this be a blessed birthday,
as we celebrate with you.
‘Cause when it comes to next year,
I have no idea what we’ll do.


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