A Night of Worship

To enter the throne room of God,
praise and worship are the key.
It leads to God’s very presence,
and into His majesty.

As we lift our voices and we sing,
it’s a sweet, sweet sound to His Ear.
As we praise and worship,
it erases every doubt and fear.

A night of worship,
to our Lord and King.
Our voices are raised,
let our Hosanna’s ring.

Love and joy resound,
all joined in one accord.
Our voices ring out,
to our Savior and Lord.

Worship is the spark,
that ignites the Light.
It fills the darkness,
and erases the night.

We’re standing in the Throne Room,
in God’s outpouring mercy and grace.
Our voices raised with songs of love,
as we stand before Him, face to Face.


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