Celebration Will Last: 4th of July

Fireworks galore,
and people want more.
Happiness to never end,
possible, my friend?

Always the same date,
this country uses to celebrate.
Do you want to know,
how this could be so?

239 years from its start,
but not with the same heart.
Listen for a while,
as I check history’s file.

Birthed with a God-fearing love,
as God watched down from above.
On election day,
they went to church to pray.

Happy with freedom in hand,
celebrating this new land.
Looking forward to future bright,
finally finished with every fight.

But finished we couldn’t truly be,
even though this country was free.
We were still fighting a war,
which eventually divided our core.

This country still believed in prayer,
and lived under God’s care.
This country will only survive,
by keeping God alive.

So bring your roots to God alone,
and when you’re finally home,
celebration will last for eternity,
for all the faithful- you and me.


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