Happy Birthday Eric!

This poem is dedicated to my grandson, Eric.

What a change in life,
happens in your teens.
Let me tell you what,
that change in life means.

You are no longer a kid,
but now a young adult.
The way that plays out,
can cause a great result.

You have more responsibilities,
and to you, that might seem unfair.
But now it’s that time in life,
to find out what’s really there.

Your birthday is designed,
for a day of happy fun.
You will likely be exhausted,
when this day is finally done.

Your dad & mom look forward,
to the changes that may be.
But I know they’ll be great,
we’ll just wait and see.

God has brought you thus far,
not to let you go.
He’ll hold you even closer now,
as His love continues to flow.

So let the birthday fun begin,
all the presents & video games.
So you can thank them all,
don’t mix up the names.

Grandpa & Grandma love you so,
and we wish you the best.
When this day is finally done,
I hope you get some rest.


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