Happy Birthday Gale!

This poem is dedicated to my wife, Gale.

A while since retirement,
you work harder than ever before.
Always on the go & very little rest,
the Golden Years aren’t around anymore.

Retirement should come earlier in life,
when we have the stamina to achieve.
We have the energy for the grandchildren,
who are energized like the Bunny, I believe.

I pray for you each and every day,
that whatever is wrong, God will fix.
As you gain another year,
and away time still ticks.

God, who is the Giver of Life,
has always had you in His care.
The treasure that you surely are,
makes you unique and very rare.

God has blessed you over time,
with more than 60 years of life.
For forty-five of those years,
I’ve been blessed with you in my life.

I want more than anything,
for you to be happy.
As you celebrate this joyous day,
and have a great fond memory.

So again, my dear, this day is yours,
to spend it as you please.
Do something you really enjoy,
and spend this day in ease.

Happy Birthday from all of us,
may this be a most blessed day.
May you have many, many, more,
and may you celebrate it your way.


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