The Games of the XXIII Winter Olympiad

I wasn’t at the first Olympiad,
but I’ve watched a few since then.
Competition can be fierce,
time and time again.

Countries send their very best,
all hoping for a shot at glory.
Through ups and downs of training,
each athlete has his own story.

It’s a rigorous preparation,
and sometimes good is not enough.
It takes commitment above and beyond,
and training makes you tough.

Some want just one shot,
some come back every 4 years.
Joy and disappointment abound,
causing happy and sad tears.

But just the thrill of being there,
and the parade entering in.
All the ceremony and hype,
reminds athletes who have been.

Only those can know,
how they all feel inside.
But they all made the choice,
it was up to them to decide.

I really can’t imagine,
what it’s like to participate.
But yet in my dreams,
Olympics I create.

Someday when it’s closer,
maybe I can go.
It would be such a thrill,
to be awake and know.


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