Katherine Turns 8

This poem is dedicated to my granddaughter, Katherine.

Do you feel any older
Or pretty much the same
Today is your special day
As you grow in the age game.

You accomplished so much at age seven
I know you’ll do even more at eight
Because you are very talented
And special in all you create.

I’m coming over to celebrate
And take you out to eat
We’ll all celebrate together
And that will be really neat.

You’ll get all your presents
And I hope you like each one
Maybe I can play with you
And we can have a lot of fun.

So, we’ll have to see what you get
And you can teach me what to do
Because you know your good
And I can’t beat you.

Each and every one of us
Are given potential and talent
God knows our life and plans
Wants us not to be absent.

So, get out of the box
Destroy it so you cannot return
Live your life to the full
Trust in God always and never turn

God will never fail
He’s proven it time and time again
He’ll carry us through each day
From beginning to end.

Seek God and He will answer
He promises you’ll never be alone
He’s the foundation of your life
He is life’s cornerstone.


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