Flora: how can I explain,
who you really are?
And living for Christ,
you’ve set a high bar.

You always had a smile on your face,
you were a woman beyond compare.
Your smile erased fear,
a shining example of God’s care.

Everyone in your presence,
was comfortable and at peace.
And when you played your music,
the worship of Jesus would increase.

God blessed you with many talents,
and for the glory they were given.
Putting Jesus first in everything,
made your life beautiful and worth living.

It was always such a pleasure,
spending time with you.
Your knowledge and your wisdom,
kept life fresh and new.

Everyone who ever met you,
couldn’t call you anyone but friend.
Your life intertwined with Jesus,
turned out a perfect blend.

Your life has taken many turns,
too many to write about here.
You showed a beautiful way to live,
putting your trust in Christ, no fear.

Flora, I look forward,
to the day we’ll meet again.
I know you’re safe and happy,
you’ve waited for this day that never ends.


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