Global New Year’s Celebrations (Hello 2015!)

Celebrations vary around the world,
as nationalities repeat, year to year.
Some may seem quite odd,
but people hold them very dear.

In ancient Thailand, guns are fired,
to ward and fight off demons.
You want the year to start off right,
so they have some very good reasons.

In China, they celebrate a different way,
firecrackers rout the forces of darkness.
So that the very first day of the year,
will be filled with joy and goodness.

In the early American colonies,
pistol shots rang through the air.
I suspect the sounds were meant to chase,
any evil spirits hanging around to scare.

Today, Italians let the church bells peel,
the clanging & ringing, an awesome sound.
Chasing away the spirits old,
and only keep the joy of life around.

The Swiss beat many drums,
the sound echoes, on and on.
Through the mountains & the hills,
to find the people to rest upon.

The North Americans sound sirens & party horns,
to bid the old year farewell.
In New York & many other states,
the crowds continue to swell.

Traditions on New Year’s even involve food,
a ring-shaped treat to lead to good fortune.
Not to be overdone in treats,
but come full circle in a satisfying portion.

In Dutch homes, fritters,
called Oliebollen are served.
The Irish have pastries called bannocks,
never tried, but I’m sure deserved.

Twelve grapes at midnight,
comes from beloved Spain.
In India & Pakistan,
rice promises prosperity, a powerful grain.

Apples dipped in honey,
are a Rosh Hashanah tradition.
In Swiss homes, whipped cream is richness,
each country it’s own rendition.

Drink a beverage or give a gift,
put your best foot forward & turn a new leaf.
New Year’s folklore & customs galore,
there is still much more! Good grief!

So, to New Year’s celebrations,
we now bid adieu.
Hope you enjoyed our little trip,
get ready for New Year’s- you’ve a lot to do!

Happy New Year!


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