Laying on of Hands

The same Spirit that lived in Jesus,
it’s the same Spirit that lives in us.
His Power is still working today,
as powerful as Pentecost day.

Tongues, and their interpretation,
are a worshiped celebration.
Gifts for use in ministry,
like wisdom, faith, miracles, prophecy.

The Holy Spirit is the Power outlet,
also for knowledge and a discerning Spirit.
Not every gift is the same for everyone,
yet they accomplish what God wants done.

But still one gift is yet to come,
and it differs from every other one.
It’s used everywhere in all the lands,
this gift is the laying on of hands.

The laying on of hands brings healing,
a word of prophecy it will bring.
But even by the use of hands,
it’s still the Spirit that administers the command.

The hands are not always a part,
sometimes just a matter of the heart.
The centurion had faith ……in Israel, not found.
And his servant was healed, homeward bound.

Healing also flowed from the robe He wore,
blood issues ceased, as never before.
Blind eyes were opened when the mud was applied,
no more in bondage, because Satan lied.

Even the paralyzed came down through the roof,
his friends needed no other proof.
Even Lazarus was cold from the grave,
freed from the boundaries of a cold, dark, cave.

Some were touched by the Masters hand,
as He was sought after throughout the land.
Others a word is all it would take,
such as come…….as He walked on the lake.

So come to the Lord and receive a touch,
Jesus is able to do so much.
Your life can be changed forevermore,
as Jesus renews your very core.


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