In the natural, battles are hard,
but in the Spirit, we face a war.
We face them, no matter how hard they are,
battles we’ve never faced before.

We’re in a war that’s not our own,
a war that’s fought right here at home.
It’s not a fight that you clearly see,
but it involves both you and me.

We’re dressed in our armor & ready to go,
Satan and his cohorts, our defeated foe.
Jesus guarantees our victory,
He’s already defeated our enemy.

We’re soldiers with faith in our King,
we have no fear of anything.
He stands with us throughout the fight,
He’s our power & our might.

The battle is Spiritual, we need to pray,
to be prepared to see the way.
To renew our strength and keep us fit,
marching on we’ll never quit.

So stand in the victory promised to us,
our King is faithful and always just.
Our victory is there, we have no doubt,
so stand an let Him work it out.


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